sup this is my lame art blog that never gets posted on. my main blog is here. also sometimes theres lame doodles on my twitter.

my tegaki messenger number is: 843-9872-2647

i also do requests!!!

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this blog is going to become 99% firkle just you wait

posting an old doodle since i havent drawn anything in a couple of days

staticimpulse SENT: Do you plan on getting the new pokemon remake? If so which remake version will you get and what starter will you go with?

yeah totally! im probably going with alpha sapphire and since i always choose the fire type ill definetly be getting torchic

Anonymous SENT: Hi, I hope you won't mind this request. Can you draw Stan Marsh pregnant(big belly) with tall Kyle as the father please? And have Stan wearing his hat instead of being hatless.

sure i dont mind at all anon!image

ive never drawn mpreg before so i hope its ok??

bluetonian SENT: ahhh, i love your art style SO MUCH like oh my god it's just so pretty <3

aaaaa thank you so much!!! 

no matter how tall kyle gets he’ll always be the little spoon