i do requests!!!
(but please dont be upset if they take a while)


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cannibalisticcheeto SENT: pls draw punk kenny omfg bye you're amazing

i hope its punk enough aaa (and thank you!!!)

paleskinhazeleyes SENT: Wowwy wow your art is amaze-tastic!! Since you seem to like taking requests- may I request Kitty Firkle and Kenny? :D if it's not too much trouble?

Anonymous SENT: hi could i request a firkle icon? i just started a firkle rp blog and there are no good icons (also ur style is awesome so)


i dont usually make icons so sorry if this isnt exactly what you wanted!! (also thank youuuu)

Anonymous SENT: OMG I just want you to draw me. You're drawings are so perfect ♥️

id love to draw you anon but i have no idea what you look like :’(((


Anonymous SENT: Wondering can you draw ike and firkle together?


theyd probably watch shitty netflix movies together

i havent drawn bebe in ages

mike-dirnts-legs SENT: Uhh hi, I love your work and was wondering if you're taking requests?

thank you!! and yeah i totally take requests!